NuCab on an Accton MR3201A (or similar) router

AcctonCab is the name being given to a NuCab-on-an-AP51 device. PersonalTelco received a donation over the Summer of 2010 of 66 Accton MR3201A devices from a company that had been in the hotspot business in the Bay Area. They had been configured as Open-Mesh routers. Personal Telco also has several Meraki Mini devices, as well as a few Fonera devices that are based on the same Atheros SoC ap51 platform. They have a single ethernet port and a built-in Atheros radio, and like the Netgear WGT634U have 8 meg of flash and 32 meg of RAM. This makes them, in theory, about as suitable for hotspots as the Netgear WgtCabs we have been deploying for the last year or so.

In mid-October 2010, RussellSenior worked on adapting his FooCab configurator software to support the Accton routers. He is in the process of testing an image based on OpenWrt r23351, and so far, so good.

An AcctonCab would be appropriate at any indoor node where LAN ports are not needed. They could be used to stretch the supply of WgtCabs to accomodate nodes where LAN ports are needed.

Candidates for AcctonCab's

The following WgtCab nodes (by hostname) could be candidates for replacement with AcctonCab's due to their LAN ports not being used.

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