Adhocracy was an open source community-oriented network management tool which was intended to simplify a number of aspects of community networking, both technical and logistical. It was capable of managing many kinds of information about people (users), areas (zones), sites (nodes), network devices (hosts) and network interfaces. Other tasks include generating some interesting maps and graphs as well as providing a consistent way to handle data.

The project began in concept around the same time as the PersonalTelco itself - around the turn of the 21st century. Originally, it was written in PHP with a MySQL database. Contributors included DonPark, DarrinEden, and AdamShand. Although some working code was written, the PHP version was never deployed for widespread use.

From 2002 through 2004, Adhocracy was picked up by KeeganQuinn and rewritten as a web service in Python with a PostgreSQL database. During this time, it became usable for recording node information and gained some basic configuration generation features, but no stable web interface was ever developed and real-world usage remained experimental at best.

From 2005 through 2007, the project was again rewritten in RubyOnRails, using the same PostgreSQL database design that had been created previously. It gained a usable web interface and was put into production with some small degree of success. However, by 2010 the main production installation had fallen into disuse and was gradually phased out and taken down. Over the next couple years, the project was renamed and relocated, first from a dusty Subversion repository to a GoogleCode project, then ultimately to GitHub.

See CwnmyrProject for more recent information.


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