Name: Al Hooton
Email: arhspam at

Well, I've had to leave Portland, at least for a few years. One of my largest regrets is not being active with PTP, arranging for new high-profiles nodes, while I'm gone. I'll stay on the general list, help out with answers when I can, and be evangelizing for all of you from a distance!

Gear I'm currently using includes Orinoco WaveLan Silver & Gold cards, MIG24 5DBi external antennas for the Orinoco cards, a couple Rg1000 gateways, a Lucent USB bridge, a LinksysWet11 bridge, and a LinksysWap11 every now and then (in between times that it bugs me and I throw it back on the shelf!). If anybody has questions on any of that gear, I'll try to help if I can.

All pages I've contributed to:


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