Many times in portland i see a cafe full of people where laptop users outnumber non-laptop users. Lets assume that some percentage of those lappy users would benefit by some kind of cooperation amongst the laptop users of that cafe. Similar themes are the companies that produce the game/quiz boxes. Every tabs in a bar has a little box to input trivia answers. Some bar-top standalone video games that take dollar bills. What makes this a little better than internet gaming/trivia/etc is that everyone has the same physical location.

Identity Page

Bob's Cafe User Page

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people could opt-in

Message board

Streaming music

Classified Ads

Local Content
A public drop space for folks to put files for public getting. A size limit of the space plus a possible cron'd cleanup (everything older than X days goes byebye) would keep it from festering.

Zeroconf Service Listing
For those not familar with or able to use zeroconf, a service that would scan the local node every X interval and make the results avilable as a web page, perhaps linked form the "Services" page on our nodes, such that users will be able to see what zeroconf services are being offered up across the node and be able to click on a link to lunch into them.


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