I am a PTP member (since April 26th 2006), a member of the NetworkOperationsTeam (since December 5th 2005), and was the DirectorOfEducation (from June 2006 to August 2007) on the BoardOfAdvisors (since December 2006). I was the proud operator of NodeSmallWhiteCube, and the author of WiCap-PHP a Captive portal for OpenBSD. I also do IT consulting, have done research on wireless networks at PSU, and worked with RussellSenior to audit the Portland MetroFi network for http://unwirepdx-watch.org. I am starting my graduate work in Fall 2007 at University of Colorado, Boulder.

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I have been lurking around PTP since sometime early in 2004. I developed WiCap-PHP and put up my node, NodeSmallWhiteCube, in the summer of 2004. Since sometime during the summer of 2005, I have been actively volunteering my time doing whatever needs to be done: from node support, to node installs, to carrying heavy things. In fall 2007, I'll be moving to Boulder, Colorado and will drift back into the role of lurker.

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