Personal Telco Capital Campaign

On January 28th, 2004, Personal Telco Project, Inc. launched the first leg of our Capital Campaign. The initial goal is to raise $3000 in unrestricted funds by July 1st, 2004.

As a challenge to the membership, the leadership comittee, comprised of PTP's officers, directors, engineer and neighborhood captains, have offered to match all donations to the Capital Fund up to $300 a month for the length of the initial campaign.

Donations can be made via paypal at or by check made out to Personal Telco Project, Inc.

As a bonus, given Personal Telco's tax-exempt status, any contributions made to it are tax deductible!

So what is the breakdown here in hard dollars and sense?

We are looking to raise $1500 dollars over 5 months from PTP participants so that we can gain the $1500 that has been put on the table as Matching Funds. This means that for every dollar ($1) PTP participants put in, up to that $1500 mark, the folks who are offering the matching funds will put in dollar ($1). To break it down even further, that is

Put it this way, if only 3 PTP participants donates the price of 1 large latte each day, the goal will be reached.

Consider this, there were at least 50 folks at our last Monthly Meeting. If each of them gave just 6$ we would have the whole month covered. Six Bucks ($6), that would be less than the price of a large latte and a sandwich, less than the price of a most computer magazines, less even than the price of 4 allzone rides on trimet.

Seen another way, back in October one of the many PTP nodes, The Heaven Cafe, had an average of 27 nocat auths per day. If just one user each day donated $10 the goal of this CapitalFund drive would be reached. That is just figuring the PTP had one node, not the plethora of nodes it does around the city.

If one (1) person from the top ten (10) nodes clicked on the dontate button on the main page once a day and put one dollar ($1) in the fund the goal would be reached each and every month.

The big picture message here is Give What You Can, if each and every participant can give a dollar ($1) we would be that much closer to getting those Matching Funds, funds we can use to build more nodes and educate more people on how to use the nodes.

Funds Collected So Far







$ 900

$ 800

$ 700

$ 600

$ 500



$ 400



$ 300



$ 200



$ 100



$ 000




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