D-Link DI-711 Wireless Router

Reviewed By:BrianBeattie

Review Date:7/19/02

Model Number:DI-711

Manufacturer:D-Link D-Link DI-711 Page


Operating Systems:UNKNOWN


The DI711 Wireless Router, is intended to act as a firewall/router between an ethernet connected to the Internet via a Cable or DSL Modem, and the local net consisting or a wireless and a 10/100 baseT.

It has a 10baseT connection for connection to the Internet (WAN) and one 10/100 baseT connection for connection to the internal network(LAN) and an 802.11b interface that acts an an AP for the local wireless net which is logically connected to the local ethernet.

It provides NAT based routing and provides some firewall capability based on NAT restrictions. It has dhcpd capabilities. It claims to pass IPSEC, PPTP and L2TP.

All features are configurated via a WEB based interface, from any of the network interfaces.

The 802.11b interface appears to be implemented as a PCMCIA card, internally, the unit has two antenna which are not designed to be replaced, but if the unit is opened, the connectors to the PCMCIA card are MMCX.

I currently have this working with a CloneArmyBox on the local net connector acting as a NoCatAuth gateway to my ISP connection. DHCP and the WAN interface are disabled in the DI-711.

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