Dan Richardson

Name: Dan Richardson
Email: plympton@plymptonia.com
Email: plymptonia@yahoo.com
Homepage: http://www.plymptonia.com

Domains registered:

Host of the 1st Official Personaltelco Equipment PlayDay

Engineer for GigaCorp by day, geek hacker by.. day, too? :-)

House in Hollywood District, 41st and Tillamook

System consisting of

10/11/2001 - WAP11's

10/4/2001 - it's been a while

Wireless stuff:

Want a mail account? E-mail me (plympton@plymptonia.com) and I can set you up!

Man, it's been a while since I've written to the Wiki. I'm making changes to my Node, and I'm borrowing information from whatis.techtarget.com for SpyWare and AdWare definitions.

Googled my eyes out, and finally got BandwidthShaping to work. That, combined with the AuthServer, and the node is fully functional after what... 2 years!?!


List of all the pages I've contributed to:


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