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Vell, here's some notes on using Freenet6 with Debian.

First thing to note is that the Freenet6 package has the entire automated routing configuration section deleted from the template file found in /usr/lib/freenet6/templates/. This is done because the Debian package maintainer thinks that if you've installed the radvd package, you should know what is going on and have a manual configuration for radvd in /etc/radvd.conf. I don't disagree.

Second thing to note (not just a Debian restriction) is that only one routed interface (if_prefix in /etc/tspc.conf) is happening. This affects your radvd.conf... there you'll need two interfaces (for me eth1 and wlan0) each with a corresponding distinct network prefix. Also, you'll need to manually assign the prefixes to the interfaces-- at least the second one as "template" only knows about one. I stared at packet logs for a while until I realized that my problem was that only one interface was getting a prefix assigned. After tinkering with iptables rules and scratching my head.

So, in effect what I'm telling you is that you don't stand a chance of getting two network interfaces (typically for personaltelco, wired home lan and wireless shared lan) to route with the default package installations.

Remember, when you get a /48 from freenet6 you've got 65,000 /64's to give out. Each network interface you want to route on needs one. Then, the clients will autoconfigure by appending their "link" address (48 bits typically based on their ethernet MAC address) to the 80-bit network prefix that radvd will return as a Router Advertisement in response to the Router Solicitation the client sends when the interface is configured "up".

And frankly, I don't know where the other 16 bits go yet.

For reference, here's my /etc/radvd.conf:



interface wlan0 {


And here's the routing configuration that SHOULD work at the tail end of a modified /usr/local/freenet6/templates/ for the interfaces wlan0 and eth1.

(THIS IS ACTUALLY untested yet because I'm thinking more about modifying their system to deal with mulitple routed interfaces better.... also see what perhaps bigger issues will run into when doing mobile IPv6. I'll clean this up and test *soon*.)

if [ X"${TSP_HOST_TYPE}" = X"ROUTER" ]; then


Display 1 "--- End of configuration script. ---"}}}

So you get the picture, eh?


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