E164.org is a public telephone number DNS root for use with Voice over IP systems such as Asterisk.

To use E164.org, simply setup a dialplan to use our ENUM root, 'e164.org'.

Configuration details are available from http://www.e164.org/config.php

What is enum.164?

enum.164 is a method that allows people to store Voice over IP URL's in DNS. This allows software to look up a phone number using DNS, and connect to the other person's VoIP address using SIP or IAX.

Unlike other systems where you need to stay connected to receive incoming calls, with enum.164 services you just need to add a guest account entry to your iax.conf to make use of this service.

Compared to other methods of connecting to your friends, apart from a quick DNS lookup you never actually connect anywhere but where you want to, and unless you or your friend is on a congested link you will never have a problem getting through to them.

Because this system only requires a hostname to route phone numbers to, you can move around as easy as updating a dynamic dns service!


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