If you are helping to build FreeNetworks and you have gear to sell then this is the page for you, if you're looking to find a piece of gear second hand then you should register your desire on the WantedParts page. The idea here is two fold. First as more and more of us buy wireless gear we'll start upgrading and thus have older gear that we want to get rid of, this gear is a great way for new comers to get started. Second if we're going to sell gear we may as well sell it to people that are helping to build things we care about.

Please make sure you list your name, contact information and the date that you added it:


Date: 1 May 2001
Contact: mailto:adam@personaltelco.net, ICQ: 222222

I have purchased some parabolic antennas intended for the 2.4Mhz ISM band (WiFi) and I have extras if anyone is interested. They have 25db gain and are about 24" x 18". aubreye1957@yahoo.com or (503) 516-5747 (cell)


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