Different people have different ideas of what they'd like to accomplish with PersonalTelco. Here we list some of our ideas and why we're committed to this.

Lonnie Wormley

Below are links to some interesting articles about radio (the original wireless network). I've seen enough corporate take over in my years on this planet. I'm not knocking big business, I work for one, and I do not march in May Day parades. I voted for Regan, Bush, Clinton, Gore so I consider my self politically confused.

I did not care about whales or smog. Church bombings bothered me and so did Vietnam, but I never protested.

So what gets me off my butt to go to PTP meetings and keeps me at my computer doing logos and trying to make wireless work? Crappy segregated music on radio stations and Computerized play list with commercial readers for DJs. Why should I have to be tethered to a desk to have decent music. Did we take a technological step forward but two steps backwards culturally? PTP should distinguish itself not as a bunch of technical folks who can do it, but a bunch of technical folks that can do it with style and common sense. We have to weave the technology into the human fabric (hey what about a antenna on a Borg Cube for a T-Shirt) so that it serves us and not the other way around.

I want to buy as many antennas and servers as I can to restore the art of weaving music the way it should be done, by a human from your heart.

Here is a link to a Good DJ.

Wonder why your local FM stations suck so fiercely? Check out this article from the zine Salon dated April 23, 2001.



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