GeoWiki is an extension of the Wiki concept into the geographical realm.

In GIS-speak, it will provide a way to collaboratively manage place names and descriptions and provide geography specific information services.

Ultimately it will play a role in the juxtaposition of information services and geographic location.

In terms of Wiki it will extend "accidental linking" into the geographic realm.

To use GeoWiki on this wiki, use once in a wiki page (except enclosed in "[[") the macro function like GeoWiki('address','2052.SE.Morrison.St.Portland.OR.97214') or GeoWiki('point','-122.4323','46.4553').

This registers this wiki node with the database.

Then, you can call GeoWiki('near','1000','meters') and get back a list of other nearby wiki nodes and PTP nodes.

To map a wiki location, call [[MoinMap('wiki','MyWikiPage')]]

See also MoinMap


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