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(from an email sent by TomHiggins on Wed, 22 Sep 2004 )

Seattle Wireless, our northern brethren in wireless goodness, have a semi regular gathering for doing things, working on gear...that sort of thing.

Well the PTP has lots of gear that needs working on and we finally have a place to work on it. Thus I am starting a test of the PTP HackNight.

Sure its not uber original so if you have a better name for it by all means toss it into the mix. Here is the low down.

Wednesday night, from 6pm till about 10pm or until interest fails we will meet at Node236's newly created BatCave (the basement workshop area). There is a fridge to store cold drinks, a bbq and such upstairs to cook up some grub, and plenty of gear to work on plus whatever you folks toss in the mix.

For a time the primary focus will be on building up nodes from t eh various donated boxes we have been collecting. We have a queue of about 5 places that will need node boxes in the next few weeks. The "Just in time" build method we have fallen into of late is doable but leaves us with precious little wiggle room to hammer out potential problems before the boxes hit the trenches. If we can work up a nice cushion of node boxes, learning in the process how to do it and helping others learn as well, we can focus some of our energies on thins other than putting out fires.

Over time I am sure we will take up others tasks (building cantennas, site surveys, testing out new gear, etc etc).

So thats the pitch. We have a place, we have the raw materials, and we have folks here who want to work on these things.

So Wednesdays, except the last one of each month cause thats the monthly meeting, come on over to Node236 for some roll up yer sleeves gathering


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