Historic Mississippi Community Network

About the Network

The Historic Mississippi Community Network (HMCN) is being funding by the Meyer Memorial Trust and designed and executed by the volunteers of Personal Telco Project. The HMCN consists of a wireless network open to all residents and visitors to Historic Mississippi Ave. and the neighborhoods surrounding it. Access is available via 802.11b AKA Wi-Fi.

The HMCN currently features a broadband connection to the internet and will host a variety of services as the project develops.

Getting Involved

The project administrator is MichaelWeinberg. Please contact him via e-mail if you're interested in becoming involved with the project. We need many people to help with the installation of equipment as well as spreading the word about the network and developing services for it. For those with IT backgrounds, there are many opportunities to implement services and experiment with new ideas and software; however, there are also many opportunities for those without a technical background. We will also be hosting a number of free seminars and classes to teach novices and experienced users about the network and the technology it employs. You can also get on the mailing-list here.

Where to Connect

The initial phase of network construction will begin in May 2005 and should be operational by the middle of June. Access will be available on Mississippi Ave. between Shaver and Fremont.


In addition to the Meyer Memorial Trust, the Historic Mississippi Community Network would not be possible without the generous support of Stephouse, Intel, Kurisu International and Mississippi Commons.

For documentation on the design and construction of the network, please see MississippiGrantProject

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