MichaelCodanti and AdamShand were talking the other day. They both have a bunch of PC's sitting around in our houses that we need to get rid of. Now we could just give them all to FreeGeek but we had another idea.

We get the feeling that there are a bunch of people out there with wireless gear but who aren't running NoCatAuth because getting a LinuxAccessPoint up and running is a little intimidating.

What if we pre-configured all of these boxes, had a big meeting where we walked everyone through configuring it for your home network, and sent you off home with a box that would work on your home network.

We would probably charge somewhere between $10 and $30 a box to cover things like additional NICs and other small bits and pieces that we don't just have lying around.

DonPark suggested that we also make this a swap meet where people could give away, sell or swap old hardware that they have lying around.

Please list your name if you have or know a space that can HOST the InstallFest.

Please list your name if you are interested in either helping out or getting a pre-setup computer (and which of those you fall under as well)!


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