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I was involved in Personal Telco from when Adam stood up at a PLUG meeting where linux+wireless was discussed in November of 2000 or whatever it was and asked if anyone wanted to continue discussions on the subject of basically what one can do with the newly emerging 802.11 hardware and some networking foo. I never held any positions of responsibility and petered out. It is in a small way fascinating to see how and why people are continually attracted to this memespace and locally this group in particular. There are some great people.

I ran into via google and started using the HostAP driver for PrismII cards under linux in August of 2001. I spread this but didn't really add much technology value overall. Played with WDS when it was added to the driver and advocated for a two-scale network (bridged neighborhood-area, routed city-area), but for a number of reasons the PTP network took forever to move from a purely landline/hotspot model. HostAP did become a standard part of the personaltelco thing--the crappy old stylistic running a crappy old version of HostAP on debian that micheal and adam put together and installed above pioneer courthouse square in the spring of 2002 as the ptp flagship node did last a surprisingly long time and serviced quite a bit of usage. I was more interested in more embedded stuff (mostly: low-power, smaller) and to this end messed with HostAP on an ARM platform (I think I was the first to do this), the TuxScreen, in late 2001.

Someday I will do something with embedded linux. Moore's law etc. is only a friend. It's quite fun to play with the limited scope of functionality a "device" requires and streamline user interaction, maintenance, etc. but have the power to tack on features as the ideas present themselves.

The "GeoWiki" spew all on this wiki is my fault. I haven't tinkered with this version of stuff for a while--the macro isn't even anywhere moinmoin can find it. It was cool for a bit, but a collosal bunch of spaghetti going in all places is what in reality it closest resembles. Geocoding against TIGER, managing a database of mapping, The project is now called "MoinMap" (1. due to the fact that some commercial folks are using "GeoWiki" for something, sometime, possibly even before I was and 2. the old what I called GeoWiki functionality hasn't really been ported to the new codebase yet) and lives at for now.

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