Name: John Bartley

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This page was copied from the MoinMoin page of the same name where I think it was put by mistake, if not, sorry for messing with your stuff John :-) -- AdamShand

Frequent host of alt.porsfis for the Portland Science Fiction Society

Member of Oregon Science Fiction Conventions, Inc. and frequent Convention Committee member of Orycon Oregon's annual (up to XXIII now) science fiction convention, for which I run the Internet Cafe.

Telcom sysadmin for United States Courts by day; proto-geek, whenever.

Four-story house (hint, hint) in atop Alameda Ridge King Neighborhood, Albina District, Prescott & NE 8th

Secretary and head of Last Call Committee, King Neighborhood Association.

Secretary of Oregon Outreach, Portland's first charter school.

Wireless hardware:

Big fan of Boddington's, David Weber, Eric Flint, Jerry Pournelle, Lois McMaster Bujold and the Admiral.


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