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This page is very stale and only exists for historical purposes. Please look to OurLogo for more up-to-date information about the PersonalTelco Logo. -- CalebPhillips 2006-02-12

I removed these drafts to this page so the the OurLogo page would not be so long. I also wanted only current logos that are being considered to be on the OurLogo page. -- LonnieWormley 04/28/01

I removed all the logos that I did. -- LonnieWormley 05/06/02

From Colin Dabritz

Bear with me, its the first time I've messed with wiki!

Here's what I hope is my logo idea (graphics need work, anyone welcome)

Maybe this logo could blink? :) (the "GOT" part specifically)

P.S. Thanks for hosting the pic so it works right Adam! Perhaps we could have a hosted files FTP or somthing...

I love wiki!


Larry's clipart logo's

Sam Churchill's Logo Idea

From Brett Shand




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