Marty's thoughts on the spread of the PTP word

I welcome others to help fine tune my ramblings that follow.

We must be businesslike

Faced with the prospect of going out and selling our PTP wares, being in business myself, I think about what I would look at if somebody knocked on my door and wanted to put a PTP node in my business. What information would I need to know? What might be the signs that I would notice in order to determine whether this PTP outfit has it together and is to be trusted?

Are they (PTP representatives) businesslike themselves?

Organizing - - - to achieve more users & More nodes

Most people who are reading this wiki or web site are already converts. But, to spread the word to the uninitiated, we must realize that not all potential Personal Telco fans are now marginal or full blown computer geeks as most of us are. To be most effective, we must not limit ourselves to preaching to the choir.

Who do we need to reach? It's Marketing

Aren't we playing to different groups?

Might it be the casual computer users or business users, those who have no particular interest in computers other than as a tool, that we should concentrating on?

What do the uninitiated want to know?

Maybe one of the most important ways to grab these casual users is a website designed for them.

What should such a site look like?

The home page should be simple and uncluttered with stuff that is disinteresting or confusing unless you're a geek like us.

Miscellaneous Additional Issues

Additional Unrelated Issues

more to follow

Marty Soehrman


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