Coffee Cellar : April 4. 2001

Scribe: LonnieWormley

I arrived at the meeting late and did not get a good start on the minutes. Please feel free to add your notes and thoughts to this page for this meeting.

General Topics

  1. NigelBallard - VP Product Strategies for Cerulic, Inc. gave a presentation on Bluetooth.

    • He had serveral Bluetooth items on hand for show and tell.
  2. Logo concept was finalized and will be posted on OurLogo page.

    • A full size logo will be available so that T-Shirts can be made.

    • Coffee mugs will also be available.

  3. MissionStatement brain storm

    • After the general meeting a few AntennaHeads remained to discuss the mission statement.

    • Here is a list of phrases that I recorded.
      • quick
      • affordable
      • fast
      • reliable
      • universal
      • public good
      • broad band
      • by passing local loop charges
      • building physical community
      • bringing community together
      • personal connections through technology
      • organically grown networking
      • hydroponic networking
      • stimulate communication
      • bringing the world to your community
      • making the internet local
      • bridging the digital divide
      • geeks who love technology and want to share it.
      • Bringing dirversity home
      • The www is a big place and we want to make it local
      • Grass roots community building through empowering wireless.
      • Empowering grass roots community building
      • Connect locally and cruise globally.
      • Co operative networking
      • Community nectworking
      • Advanced communication networking
      • Unwired
      • Stream
      • Community stream with the flow

Well that's all for now. I apologize for not having a complete set of notes. I'll try to be on time for the next meeting. I want to thank the folks at the CoffeeCellar for staying open late for us straglers. I really enjoyed the atmosphere and the weather was nice.

One of the things that I keep hearing at our meetings is that it is great to be able to share ideas about this technogoly face to face without using the technology.


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