It's a Beautiful Pizza 3341 SE Belmont Avenue

Scribe: ChristianSeppa


Roll call: almost everybody has been using the nodes!

About half of the attendees were new faces. Some have APs at:


Put Em Up! Location Location Location Location......even if it is not real accessible, each node on the map represents another possibility for linking nodes to nodes. So get 'em up and note your location on the node map.

Sam Churchill announces launch of, as a new source of all things wireless. Log on and check it out.

Initial run of 10 free-geek boxen successful, and new links with FreeGeek are being forged and developed. If you have a great location, but need experience and equipment, post to the list and make your voice heard. Free Geek is busy during the day, so bug them off-hours.

Captive portals discussed by Adam. Also known as forced portals. End user must accept terms and conditions to gain access to (inter)network resources. An open portal, otherwise called an active portal, is in use at the Pioneer Square node, and is the model for personal telco nodes. NoCat is a version of an active portal.

Erik W. discussed his forays and efforts to develop MetaCat. MetaCat is to reproduce the functionality of NoCatAuth. Written in C to reduce the overhead required with Perl. The upshot is to fit everything on a Musenki box with 4MB of Flash and 32 Mb of RAM.

Still 490.00 in the Pay Pal Account. Lonnie was unable to attend, so no t-shirts on sale tonight. New logo up on the web, stickers on the way.

Andrew discussed the implementation of

Work needing done:

this involves a code cleanup for it to be in releasable form.


* Pittock Node with NoCat now up and running. * High Profile nodes on the horizon. * 157th and Walker _ Montose * Yachts on the Columbia * Billy Reid's Pub

Apologies by the scribe for the late posting of these notes, and their haphazard organization. May May be swifter and more aesthetically pleasing!


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