The Lucky Lab: March 28, 2001

Scribe: AdamShand added by LonnieWormley from email

First off thanks for all showing up, it was great to see that many people there. it was also great to hear other peoples idea's on what we can and should do.

There's more coming from Lonnie I think but here's my notes. For future reference the current agenda is always at:

-- AdamShand

The Lucky Lab: March 28, 2001

Scribe: LonnieWormley

PTP members started to gather in the front room at the LuckyLab around 6:45 PM. There were several groups sitting and standing discussing computers and wireless equipment. There were also several pieces of wireless equipment being passed around for show and tell.

Some of the items were:

After about 30 minutes of socializing, eating and sipping fluids AdamShand used his best broadband voice to yell the meeting to order at 7:35 PM.

Several speakers that pledged air time at the meeting were not present. AdamShand introduced Rick Lindahl of Invictus Networks, a distributor of fixed-wireless communication equipment.

General Topics

  1. Wiki site is being used and is being updated daily.
    • If you are looking for any information please check here first.
    • If you find any good information about wireless post it here on the Wiki site and let the list know that you put it here.
    • If you click on the PTP logo you will go directly to the FrontPage

    • AdamShand will add alt text to the page to give directions to click on the logo.

  2. Wireless network
    • Barry and Adam are working on how to best scale the network
      • GIS data will be used to find the best locations to place antenna aggregation points for linking communities.
  3. CaptivePortal

  4. Logos
    • There was discussion about which logo to select. The general consensus was that the logo currently being used was OK, but the text on the logo need work.
      • Fixed Broadband
    • It was also expressed that the logo should reflect a community rather than an overpowering tower.
      • People holding hands in a circle
    • LonnieWormley will take the action item to re-work the current logos and ideas on the web site so that the group can give more feedback.

  5. Charter
  6. How can we best get 802.11b wireless gear to work here in Portland.


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