Name: Michael Rasmussen aka mikeraz
Email: michael <+>
Homepage: Personal, neglected web site

Editorial: "Name our hockey team" ?? Almost had to go look it up.

Reverse History of my Wireless Adventure:

February 2014 - upgrade to Buffalo N600 with Official PTP SW image.

Node JaMhome aka Node069 online since 2002 using succession DLink and Netgear WiFi routers.

Overly Detailed (and now obsolete) Early Adventures: Built a shortbread tin cantenna now to test.

Thoughts on antenna design at CantennaMusings

I originally purchased RangeLanDsComments cards from MichaelCodanti. Got 2 cards, 2 pigtails, and needed a PCI adapter to plug one into a desktop to bring the AP up.

That proved problematic. So I bought a DlinkDwl520 card. Which requires a PCI 2.2 slot, available on very new hardware currently (June 2002) so I went back to Frys . . . the return experience was more pleasant than I expected. Gritted my teeth to pay $100 for a Linksys WMP11. At the register the clerk said "That's $79.99" Turns out they have some sort of unadvertised special or price match going on. And the card currently (early June 2002) has a $5 rebate. So the cost dropped to $75. Much nicer!

This card is easy to configure and use with the HostApMode software from Bonus that the Linux Wireless tools work with it. I've now used the same code to drive my (employer's) notebook with the Proxim RangeLan - on which I'm doing this page edit from the couch in my living room. It's up!

All the pages I've contributed to:


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