Name: Nathaniel Powning - I go by Nat
Nick: nat or natp when that's taken

My current focus within the Personal Telco Project is establishing a practical voice telephone system. Check out the PersonalTelcoPbx site for details.

Full production nodes I help setup and maintain:

#504 - NE: Rocky Butte

Details: Node504
While I haven't exactly been heavily involved in the work on this node I want to claim some involvement for donating some hardware and working with Don Park to get the mast initially mounted to the chimney. This node is the first of what hopefully will be several interconnected nodes to make up the PTPnet - Portlands first real community wireless network.

#378 - SE: Brooklyn: Labarre Machine Works

Details: Node378
Gary of Labarre Machine Works has donated everything for this node including hardware, internet bandwidth and rooftop access. Initial install is a Soekris 4511 with an Engenius 200mw radio connected to an 8dbi Maxrad omni antenna mounted on the roof of an industrial building with excellent line-of-site to a good piece of the neighborhood. Coverage includes Brooklyn School Park as well as at least a hundred residential units. Thanks Gary!

#114 - SE: Mt. Scott Park

Details: Node114
I'm running a node out of my home in southeast Portland near Mt. Scott park near 72nd and Woodstock. This setup is a Soekris 4521 with an Engenius 200mw PCMCIA radio connected to an 8dbi Maxrad omni antenna mounted on my roof about 30 feet above the ground. This node was installed in December 2001 and the hardware was upgraded in February 2003. I've been running a node since early 2000 but moved to this location in 2001 and deleted my previous entry.


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