Needs Coded

NeedsCoded is ideas for improving Personal Telco that require advanced wiki or programming skills. Put items in list format. Tell what type of skill is needed, and what we'd like to have done.

Personal Telco's wiki software is MoinMoin. MoinMoin is written in Python, as are the macros which we can write to improve its functionality. PTP also has some back-end stuff written in PHP.


  1. Nodes. April 30th, 2012. PHP. Page doesn't print - view in Firefox's "Print Preview." Add date (so person printing this has inkling of when it might be stale). Maybe number those nodes as well! Add "alt" text for Google Maps icons. Make map icons link to Google Maps. Add link to node pages for those (such as myself) who find using Google Maps a tedious encumbrance on the computing experience. Add microformats. Add table of contents with links to different parts of town (HTML anchors). And maybe we could split this up into separate pages for different parts of town, so people could easily get a printout of nearby nodes.

  2. Node Map. April 30th, 2012. PHP. Default to showing only Active Nodes - Potential Nodes (very old ones, no less!) clutter the map and confuse newcomers who might confuse them with actual hotspots.

    • Update: it would take ~90 seconds for somebody to update this, but nobody will. PTP's apparently content with an extremely nerd-oriented wifi map. -- DanRasmussen 2012-05-12 16:55:19

  3. NextMeeting. April 30th, 2012. Advanced wiki skills or maybe Python (i.e. create a macro!). We don't have a great way to show when the next meeting is. Today is April 30th - we've already had the last meeting of the month, but PTP calendar still shows the month of April and hence any upcoming events (if we'd already created any) would not be listed - they'd be in May, and require effort to display! CalendarOfEvents shows upcoming events, sorted numerically. If we ever bring our A game and list events weeks or months into the future, CalendarOfEvents makes us scroll down to the bottom (or might not even show the next meeting). Not ideal. Really wish we could replace homepage calendar with "Upcoming Agenda" (see Google Calendar for an idea).

    • On my to-do list, but wouldn't be crushed if somebody beats me to it. -- DanRasmussen

  4. GeneralList2. May 12th, 2012. Python (probably a simple update). GeneralList2 is the macro that shows excerpts of the PTP general mailing list on the homepage. But MailingList is fairly inactive at present, so mailing list area is cluttered with weeks-old meeting announcements. DanRasmussen suggests showing only three items, or maybe "up to six, but only if they're from the last two weeks."

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