Node Guide

Location Selection

Selecting a location to operate a node shares much in common with real estate. The three most important criteria are location, Location, LOCATION! There are at least two competing ideas: attitude and altitude.


Coffee shops and pubs are places where folks come together to exchange knowledge, share experiences or simply to hang out. Prime spots to deploy PersonalTelco!

Apartment complexes, a cluster of houses, areas around schools, community centers and other habitable areas can also be fertile ground for deployment. Non-mobile communities can also be great locations for PersonalTelco nodes.


Operating links under the ISM or UNII regimes favor LineOfSight deployments. Placing gear at the highest locations afford significant LineOfSight advantages to PersonalTelco.

Idea Pitching

For attitude simply mention business will improve by ten percent (OhReally). For altitude the conversation is more delicate. See NodePropositionFlyer.

Bandwidth Provisioning

Go with IntegraTelecom or EasyStreet. See IspWirelessPolicies.

Hardware Collection

NeedsUpdate Contact your RegionCaptain to allocate a NewCloneArmyBox.

Software Instalation

NeedsUpdate Contact your RegionCaptain to install DebianLinux like the NewCloneArmyInstallMethodology.

Connectivity Maintainence

The easy ways: NeedsUpdate -- DanRasmussen 2012-05-31 10:56:35

  1. SnmpHelp

  2. Ability to ssh into the box
  3. Provide your phone number to people using your node

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