Nodes that identify themselves as PersonalTelco nodes in the map database at will be named using the conventions described on this page.

Changes made 3/17/2002 to simplify the system.

Each node is identified by area, optional subarea, and then the name of the node, as follows:

Not every node is located within a subarea. If you are in a neighborhood with other nodes, you can self-identify yourself with the neighborhood. Be specific with subarea names, but not so specific that few nodes could be in your area. Look at some nearby nodes first for clues toward what your subarea is. If you are connected to other nodes it is likely you are in the same subarea. Think WirelessNeighborhood.

The name can be anything the node owner chooses, but a nearby street intersection or landmark is recommended.

Within greater Portland, Oregon, the areas are described below:

Outlying areas should use the name of the city or town where they are located. This includes Vancouver. Hillsboro and Gresham area nodes may choose to be part of the Portland area or use their own. See what nearby nodes have done and stick with them.

If you don't know where to put yourself, don't worry about it, just put in your node name and proper lat/lon coordinates in the proper fields and somebody will figure out where to put you. Remember that West longitude coordinates are negative.

Areas and subareas are subject to further refinement and changes.

Not all nodes in the Portland area have been named this way, I have only changed the nodes that have identified themselves with PersonalTelco.



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