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Our Mission Statement

Personal Telco Project (PTP) is a grass roots effort to build an Internet-connected wireless network in Portland Oregon. By deploying our own wireless access points, and providing the tools and support for others to do so, we are fostering the global growth of city-wide networks which are open to, and maintained by, the public.

Getting Involved

Why have wireless internet access?

Wireless Internet access adds value to almost any business. Because this service must be provided at no-cost to the customer, people instantly prefer your location to other competing wireless internet services. Having wireless internet access avoids installing wiring and wall jacks for wired internet . Wireless internet can provide internet connections to a whole room full of laptop users without cables running everywhere. A wireless network is easy to install.

Providing free Internet wireless access to your surrounding community allows you to share your unused network bandwidth. Sharing your unused network resources in a secure manner will improve your relationship with the community surrounding your business or company. If your business or company can help provide access to the vast informational resources to those that live, commute or shop in your area then you will have the satisfaction of knowing that you are helping your neighbors benefit from Internet access.

Why use DSL and a wireless friendly ISP instead of Cable Internet?

Before sharing your existing network resources consider establishing a new relationship with an Internet Service Provider. (ISP) You must pay close attention to the Authorized Use Policy (AUP) for the network. There are some ISPs that do not allow you to share your Internet access and there are some ISPs that do allow you to share your Internet access. Make sure that you know what services you are paying for and that you are not in violation of the AUP for the network that you are using. Several local ISPs in Portland, Oregon have a relationship with Personal Telco Project and can help you establish a Internet connection that will help your company of business become a Personal Telco Project wireless node.

What about security and bandwidth use?

You have heard a lot of press coverage about wireless networks being insecure and have valid concerns about how Personal Telco Project deals with these issues. There are a lot of security problems that affect all computer networks and the PTP volunteers take every precaution to make sure that your wired network is completely isolated from the wireless network using physical hardware and network protocols. The PTP volunteers have many years of system and network administration experience and will work closely with your system administrators to insure that as your company or business makes it possible to share your unused bandwidth that your normal daily activities on your wired network are unaffected by wireless use.

Personal Telco Project uses several software programs to monitor and maintain the wireless network. these software tools can be configured to allow a limited amount of bandwidth use per user. They can be configured to authenticate users by email address or have the MAC ID of the wireless radio card. When you set up an appointment with the PTP volunteers you can get more information on how you would like to set up your wireless network.

What hardware is required

The basic configuration for a node requires a computer running the Linux operating system. The computer should be a a Pentium 100 MHz class CPU or higher with 80 MB of memory and a 2 GB hard drive. The computer should have a CD-ROM and two network cards, one for your wired connection to the Internet and one for connecting a commercial access point.

If you want to have a complete wireless network solution in one box then you would take the hardware above and substitute a PCMCIA ISA adapter for one of the network cards. this option allows you to insert a Senao Wi-Fi card and use a software program to create an access point using the computer. there are many small space saving computers that can be configured to these specifications.

Who can I call for support?

PTP is a 100% volunteer non profit organization so we can not guarantee a service level for your wireless network. We will make every effort to make sure that your network is available for use as our volunteer resources allow. The system that we install is very simple to use and we will work to educate you on how to administer your network if your business does not have a full time network administrator.


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