This pages describes two different characteristics of nodes, the function of the node and it's status.

  1. Gateway Node - A gateway is an access point which allows clients to connect to it. It should either be connected to the internet and/or to the "wireless cloud".
  2. Repeater Node - A repeater doesn't have to share internet access but instead connects two or more other nodes together (wireless routers).
  3. Enduser Node - Someone who has a permanent connection to another node but isn't a gateway or a repeater.

Each type of node can then have a status.


After the last MonthlyMeeting I would like propose two more node types:

The only remaining issues is that currently the map's NodeType selection mechanism is exclusive (you can only belong to one type). So I'd like to do one more reworking and finally propose this:

Node types 1-3 can have a status of either Working or Broken (less politically correct but I think it's clearer language then Active/Inactive). I'd also like to include one more status type of "Official" or something like that. That means that the node is configured to our NodeStandards and that someone has audited it and approved that it's basically all legit.

For comparison, has addressing and routing structure types that include Ax, BX, Cx, and Dx Nodes: Their NodeType page . --ChadPatteson


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