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DavidVaughan (brother to CarolSuelzle, and friend of MichaelCodanti) has created a home-brew Node Up a Tree.

He created the PowerOverEthernet to power the RG-1000 from instructions he found on the internet. The antenna is a Superpass 8db omni. The container is a laundry powder bucket.

The real trick was getting the bucket up the tree. I'm sure the neighbors think he's nuts, but he went through a second story window out on his roof, and using a Fishing rod with 30Lb test line and a 2oz weight, managed to get a cast over a high branch and down to the ground. Then he attached a rope to the fishing line, and hoisted that up over the tree, and then attached the bucket to that, and up it went.

The tree is one of the tallest trees in the neighborhood (near 53rd and I-84) and can been seen from the park nearby.

The signal goes at least 2 blocks without an antenna on the client end (further, depending on the client), and much further using a yagi or a patch panel.

It's already survived some pretty icky weather, wet & windy.

Sealing is a science: a tree/sealing is a science.JPG

175lb Tiewrap: a tree/175lb TieWrap.JPG

More Tape: a tree/more tape.JPG

High Tech deGlo: a tree/High Tech deGlo.JPG

From the roof up: a tree/from the roof up.JPG

Zoomed in on the bucket: a tree/Zoom In.JPG

Facing North: a tree/facing N.JPG

Facing NorthWest: a tree/facing NW.JPG

Facing East: a tree/facing E.JPG

Facing South: a tree/facing S.JPG

Facing SouthWest: a tree/facing SW.JPG



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