Activities aim at spreading awareness of PTP.


Turn a car, van, bike, scooter, tshirt, hat, whatever into an educational billboard for the PTP.

Lunchtime PTProactivism

Lunchtime PTProactivists will meet up at various PTP nodes and pass out fliers to anyone who will take them and answer questions folks might have on the spot.


1) A lunchtime. Once a week, Once a month, what ever you can spare.

2) Meet up at a hotspot with other PTProactivists. Determine the spot either on the general list or on a wiki page for that purpose.

3) Hand out copies of the fliers to passersby, answer any questions they might have.

The best of things would be for folks to print them up on good color printers or have them color copied. If at some point the PTP can afford to print them up, so much the better but since we are grassroots let's not let something like money get in the way, let's just do it by any means necessary.

August 20th 2003 Activity Pictures


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