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Wish List

  1. Administration Tool - CGI scripts that allow easy maintenance of accounts, extensions and voicemail boxes. Currently this sort of stuff is modified by editing the Asterisk config files by hand and executing reload against the server.

  2. Voice Messages put in a Web getable directory/page

  3. Queue up outbound calls if no lines are available - If an internal user attempts to call out to PSTN and none of those lines are available it would be nice if the caller had the option to stay on the line until one is open or have the system ring them back when their call can be routed.

  4. FRS <-> Conference Room Gateway - A gateway that would allow users in the general conference room to hear traffic on FRS channel 11 in Portland and possibly request a broadcast by hitting pound to start talking and pound again when finished talking.

Log of Granted Wishes and Other Changes


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