I originally posted this to AccessPointSig, but I'm putting it here because there's no simple, default WikiWord about a PTP node.

At the last MonthlyMeeting, a discussion took place on the definition of a node. Post-meeting, AdamShand posted a synopsis to the MailingList, which is quoted below:

"A Node:

We briefly touched on the ESSID standardization issue which has gone around the list a few times. We need to make a decision on what the standard we want to adopt is, I think it should be something recognizable as a URL so that people can put it into a browser and find out what it's all about. The options as I see it are:

1. www.personaltelco.net

2. www.personaltelco.net/node111

3. use 1 for nodes which are part of the "wireless cloud" and 2 for nodes which are logically discrete from the rest of the network

See NodeStandards to provide further input on this topic."



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