Running Gateway and Authserv on the same host

Last updated: 22 May 2002 SDE

First off, we don't recommend doing this. A network gateway is more like a router or other network appliance than anything else, and is no place to be storing sensitive information like passwords. We went to a lot of trouble to design NoCatAuth so that passwords and secret keys were kept OFF of the gateway. So, proceed, as always, at your own risk.

NoCatAuth can now be run as a gateway and an authentication service on the same machine, provided that you run them in separate home directories (say, /usr/local/nocat-auth and /usr/local/nocat-gw, or even /usr/local/nocat/authserv and /usr/local/nocat/gateway, it doesn't matter, so long as they're different. Without altering the Makefile, you can do something like:

  $ make PREFIX=/usr/local/nocat/gw gateway
  $ make PREFIX=/usr/local/nocat/authserv authserv 
  $ make PREFIX=/usr/local/nocat/authserv pgpkey 
  $ cp /usr/local/nocat/authserv/trustedkeys.gpg /usr/local/nocat/gw/pgp 

The Makefile will pretty much do the right thing. You then start the gateway once everything is configured, by running /usr/local/nocat/gw/bin/gateway. Yes, I know you end up with two copies of the NoCatAuth perl libraries installed, but we *did* say the system wasn't designed for this. :-) Please be sure to read INSTALL, and the other files in doc/ before proceeding! Patches welcome!


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