Unit 20 microwave van checklist

  1. Press and hold "Gen start" button --- green one --- THIS STARTS THE GENERATOR
  2. Press yellow "tran" button. This powers the transformer (110VAC -> 12VDC)

  3. Push up "12v master" rocker switch
  4. Going left to right, press on "mon rack", "equip rack", "charger", "air comp", and roof lights #1 & #2 (if needed). Try to keep generator load at about 60hz or slightly higher on marker.

  5. Raise mast to desired height, being careful to not hit trees, power lines, etc.
  6. Call TOC x640 or Master Control x621 and ask permission to turn on transmitter. It's located on upper right of rack. Begin on low power and use high power if needed to get good signal. The phone extension next to the editing machine does not work. Use a different phone to call on the 2-way, channel 3
  7. Adjust dish to secure good signal to station. Use pan and tilt controls below transmitter. KOIN is now using "counterclockwise". Feed tone from Shure mixer by turning on tone osc. It feeds through pot 3 on Yamaha mixer -- upper left on rack. Be sure to turn pot 3 all the way down when finshed feeding tone.
  8. Grab spool of cable and after running desired length to camera position, connect spool to truck at right rear corner, behind trap door.


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