I'm a Sr. Network Architect, and have served in past lives as Sr. Network Engineer, Sr. Unix Systems Administrator, Systems Architect, and general grunt boy. I don't officially serve as, but am tasked with being, the Security Architect and Specialist for my company.

On the side, I have a small contracting company, which is called FluidTek Services (http://www.fluidtek.com/). I do Unix, Network, and Security consulting.

I am very facinated by Wireless network, as I have spent some time in the past playing with crazy wireless setups. I once worked for an organization called the Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Organization (http://www.mbari.org/), which is a private non-profit oceangraphic R&D group. We used Microwave T1s on Research Ships (the R/V Point Lobos and R/V Western Flyer), which carried real-time voice, video, and data from sea-floor research systems, including the Remotely Operated Vehicles (ROVs) Tiburon and Ventana. These links bounced off a mountain top, which popped back down to the shore based networks.

Have you ever dealt with keeping a Microwave antenna pointed at a fixed object, on a ship that pitches and yaws, to and fro! Fun.


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