We're slowly (but surely!) implementing the SplashPage redesign efforts.

Splash Page 2014 Update

An effort to modernize our woefully dated splash page.

Progress as of November 10

Progress as of November 3

Progress as of November 2

Next Steps as of Wed Oct 15th 2014

Next Steps as of Wed Sep 24th 2014

Next Steps as of Wed Sep 17th 2014

Current status:

Next Steps as of Wed Mar 5th 2014

The Code

The redesign uses a modern Single Page App approach to provide a rich HTML page which is augmented by logic, design and data from a ptp central server.

There are three code repositories used, each with a separate concern...



Containing the HTML, images, javascript, css and fonts which live on the router. It makes calls to...



Containing the javascript, css and images which are served from a central server. It in turn gets data from...



A Nodejs server which gathers data from various sources and offers them up via a RESTFUL api.

Technologies Used

The Lifecycle of a Page Load from the Browser Perspective

If the browser can't load ptp-splash-server.min.js, then it will fail well and serve a respectable splash page which provides the basics of terms of service, node information and a click through to the internet.

How this happened

In late 2012 and early 2013 BenjaminFoote (bfoote) had the idea of trying to improve the splash page. He wasn't the first and he won't be the last.

We started gathering some requirements in NewCaptivePortalFeatures and there was a review of other efforts including SplashPageRedesign NodeSplashPages MobileSplash.

Then bfoote went off and traveled for a while.

In late 2013 after returning to Portland bfoote went and started in on the redesign in earnest. It became a labor of love.

completed tasks

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