Splash Page Redesign

I, DanRasmussen, want to redesign Personal Telco's SplashPage - both the mobile, and the desktop splash pages. I'm creating this document in case I don't get around to doing so, so others know what's wrong with the existing splash pages, and can take up the cause. -- DanRasmussen 2012-05-13 11:51:24


  1. I told a friend about how PTP nodes work, and that I wanted to redesign the splash page.
    • Him: "Does it say you're a NonProfit?" Me: "No, it doesn't!!!"

  2. We have a "donate" link, but don't explain what Personal Telco Project is, how nodes operate, or what their donation is for. Guessing we don't receive (m)any donations via our splash pages...
  3. I dislike that we have radio buttons that go to links on form submission, but we don't display those link URLs. What if a visitor wants to explore multiple options - "Sorry, not today!!"

  4. Is this problem fixable?
    1. Node Visitor opens multiple links without looking at each one 1. SplashPage intercepts those requests, loading once in each tab.

    2. Node Visitor finds the splash page one tab, clicks "I agree" and gets sent to their original destination
    3. Other tabs with SplashPage will not take node visitor to their destination. Whatever was routing requests has disappeared! And because we don't print those URLs (see #3, above), those pages have essentially been lost to Node Visitor. Node Visitor becomes mildly annoyed with Personal Telco.


Mobile Splash Page Contents

Here's a text dump of PTP's mobile splash page:

Free Community Internet Access


[2] (files-master/www/tos.html)
[3] page they were trying to visit...

Issues With Mobile Splash Page

  1. e.g. when loading links from a Twitter client that were loaded during a previous internet session - something that happens occasionally to me (1)

  2. Next we'll be sending them to a map cluttered with "Potential Nodes" that were added years ago.. (2)

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