From MattWestervelt's post to SeattleWireless about the WirelessSummit...

Saturday was a somewhat informal meeting (although it did have an agenda) at Eugene's house in NW Portland. Sunday was the PersonalTelco meeting at Portland State University. They filmed the whole weekend and there will probably be a stream of it available once they get it edited.

Some highlights:






I didn't speak on Sunday, but Saturday was somewhat interesting. There was a bit of discussion about non-profits and the pros and cons of incorporation. As usual, I kept my anti legal-entity stance and tried to stress the Metropolitan Area Network idea rather than just testing out the mettle of ISP lawyers. It appears that even though these other groups are more interested in the "Last Mile" right now that they do see the benefits of high speed city access and it is a 2nd generation goal for them.

All in all, the WirelessSummit was pretty cool, plans are in the works for one in San Francisco this November and another in New York next March.

Below are some photos from the June meeting in Portland by SamChurchill. NOTE: Matt Westervelt skipped out before we had a chance to get photos. These photos could use some ID but I'm not sure how to format wiki (in a table) yet. AndrewClapp showed how to make a $20, 15dBi Yagi, the blonde bombshell is TerrySchmidt of nyc wireless, MattPeterson has the glasses. Adam Shand is in the middle and I'm not sure of the identities of the people on the left, perhaps bcwireless?

Not pictured is red-haired RobFlickenger. His "Wireless Community Networks" ($24.95, O'Reilly), is a MUST BUY for ANYONE interested in community networking. It's clear, concise, comprehensive and entertaining. Rob Flickenger is a national treasure! - SamChurchill

Left to Right, Adam, Nate, Adam Shand, Terry Schmidt, Matt Peterson

Terry explains his awesome mapping project for NYC

Matt Peterson shows an Airport with Power

Casey Spain described his amazing flash map

Andrew Clapp makes a Yagi

And has chips to spare

Glen overviewed 3G

The meeting room at PSU was beautiful and their W-LAN, just 10 feet away was tempting us like thirsty sailors


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