PersonalTelco is a NonProfit dedicated to building a no cost city wide wireless network Portland Oregon.

Because of our volunteer nature we need your support to help build and support current and future efforts. We are hoping in the near future that we will have federal tax exempt status as a 501(c)(3) charity, this will mean that your donations can be be a tax write off. However until the paperwork is approved by the IRS we still need your help.

Here's how you can help support Personal Telco:

  1. Donate Money - We use the money to pay for hardware for more public nodes, for promoting the network and to cover administrative fees. The easist way to donate money is to send it to our Pay Pal account (

  2. Donate Equipment - If you have any computer hardware, especially wireless gear we gratefully accept any such gear to help build new nodes around Portland.

  3. Setup a Hotspot - The majority of our network is owned and maintained by our members. If you have the willingness to get your hands dirty and set up a hotspot at your home or business this is the easist way for the network to grow. There are lots of great resouces on our web site and MailingList to help get you started. We also encourage you to show up at our MonthlyMeetings and get to know us.

Personal Telco is also working on building relationships with local businesses who want to support us. They are not businesses that we officially endorse but they support us in one way or another and we encourage you to investigate them if you need one of their services.

  1. Internet Service Providers

    1. Easy Street - Easy Street was the first Portland ISP to officially encourage Personal Telco members to share out their DSL connections. Their web site describes their terms and conditions.

    2. Stephouse - Stephouse is a great local ISP for DSL, webhosting and other services. Tyler Booth is an active member of The Personal Telco Project and Stephouse supports community networking. Stephouse

    3. SpireTech - SpireTech is a Portland Oregon based ISP with DSL, dialup and colocation. They have been a great partner for Personal Telco Donating the DSL circuit a Node143. SpireTech

    4. Integra Telecom - Integra is a large regional telecommunications company that has worked hand in hand with The Personal Telco Project to facilitate Community access and High speed Internet at nodes around Portland. They are a great solution for business providing a friendly regional option to the huge National Telecoms. Integra


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