There's an easy way to get traffic shaping on a Debian GNU/Linux 3.1 system.

Simply install wondershaper:

and then modify your /etc/network/interfaces file with the following, in the section that brings up your Internet connection:

where INTERFACE is the name of the interface - ie., if your Internet connection interface's stanza begins with 'iface eth0' then replace INTERFACE with eth0. DOWNSTREAM and UPSTREAM are the speeds you want your downstream and upstream transfer rates, respectively, to be limited to, in kilobits per second (kbps).

After that, when you reboot, packets traversing the router upon which this procedure is run on will be limited to the specified rates. You can also cause this to happen immediately by running as root:

with the appropriate keywords substituted as described above.

Good luck,

Thanks to junior_ on IRC for inspiration and testing.


This process works well with systems installed using the process described at UsingBuilderHowTo.


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