According to the records available to the acting Secretary, RussellSenior, the following members of Personal Telco Project, Inc. are entitled to vote for the two openings for Board of Directors on July 26, 2006. If you do not see your name and believe you should be included in this list, please contact RussellSenior or another officer as soon as possible.

Member Name

Churchill, Sam

Codanti, Michael

Cooley, Will

Grubbs, Jake

Higgins, Thomas S

Jencks, Benjamin

Lindahl, Rick

Offermann, Tom

Quinn, Keegan

Baer, Aaron

Ballard, Nigel

Beattie, Brian

Booth, Tyler

Chatre, Stephane

Eden, Darrin

Fitzgerald, Thomas

Grobler, Reinette

Jaqua, Troy

Keam, Eugene

Lofstrom, Keith

Nguyen, Dat

Park, Don

Petersen, Robert

Phillips, Caleb

Popovetsky, Irving

Powning, Nathaniel

Psmythe, Brandon

Richards, Covey

Schmitt, John

Senior, Russell

Seppa, Christian

Shand, Adam

Sheehan, Lucas

Shikora, Seth

Smith, Brian C.

Sochrman, Martin

Weinberg, Michael

Welter, Shawn

Wormley, Lonnie

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