NuCab on a WGT634U

WgtCab is the name being given to a NuCab-on-a-Netgear-WGT634U device. The Netgear WGT634U is a device with 8 megabytes of flash and 32 megabytes of RAM. After our failed experiment with WifiDog, we have been looking for another solution for stand-alone access point nodes. We have a solution, the AlixCab, for cases where heavy use or diversely placed access points require it. However, we were never going to have enough Alix boards to replace all of the gateway devices in our network, so another solution was going to be needed. While no longer available retail, PTP has a stockpile of WGT634Us from previous purchases. In thinking about the captive portal problem, we got to wondering whether the venerable old NoCatAuth would fit onto a WGT. We tried. It worked. There are now (as of October 10, 2010) 36 deployed WgtCabs with more being rolled out almost daily.

The WgtCab includes:

We are using a configurator script to generate additional files to go into each image. See FooCabFirmwareHowTo for details.

Nodes with WgtCabs (in order installed):

More nodes looking for WgtCab's:

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