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Wiki Tour

This page is a top down qualitative view of this wiki. Wikis can be daunting, especially when a site contains thousands of pages of varying quality. This page tries 1 to pull together a categorized list of the most useful pages on this wiki.


We have meetings monthly, weekly, and then periodically we have a PlayDay or FieldDay to work on bigger projects together.

The Network

These are pages that have to do with the organization and configuration of the PTPnet:

The Philosophy

These are pages that describe the ideals behind community wireless networks, and ours specifically:

The Organization

Information about the Personal Telco Project Non-Profit 501(c)(3) Corporation:

Node Owner/User Documentation

These pages help people build and maintain their nodes:

General Education

General education about all things wireless:


We have accumulated much information about various wireless hardware, some of which you may benefit from.

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