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The project leader for the NYC Wireless group is dana spiegel <dana at sociabledesign dot com> -Anthony 4/9/02

Objectives (number denotes priority)

Originating Message

hi all,

as i mentioned last night, i am interested in creating an apps group
within NYCwirless. i feel that we could come up with some really
compelling wireless applications for what i call "free range" users.

i belive that the user base could dynamically affect the value of the
network and that the dynamic usage could be leveraged to create some
very simple yet powerful demonstrations of the NYC wireless movement.

i propose that the objective of the "NYCwireless apps group" should
be as follows:
-number denotes priority-

1) focus on apps that are in the interest of the public domain and
free - mass appeal & benefit
2) focus on apps that are open source and are universally applicable
- nothing that only works in a single physical location
3) focus on apps that create value to the Active Portal (AP) gateway
manager to offset the opportunity cost of 802.11 users piggy backing
on their network infrastructure and creates value for  AP providers.
- i have some ideas, but this could be tricky...
4) focus on apps that are run on plam and other handhelds not just
PC's/browsers - is there a 802.11 card for the plam?

their is a first crack at it. consider it a point of demarcation and
in no way constitutes a definitive direction. comments and concerns
are welcome, however please keep them on topic.

i personally belive that if approached in this manner we could create
some really news worthy and interestingly fun things that we will all
be proud to have been a part of.

so what does the groups say?



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