If you are looking for a community to join there is a list of WirelessCommunities that we maintain which will be of interest.

--- needs to be refactored into a WirelessNeighborhood page.

A wireless community is made of many WirelessNeighborhood's connected together via ...

Here are the requirements to become a WirelessCommunity in the PersonalTelco network.

-- AdamShand

I'm seeing WirelessCommunity used in two different ways here:

  1. As a "city-wide" effort, for example SeattleWireless

  2. As a local node, for example Bob's node located at Foo St & Bar Ave in Portland.

If it is confusing to me, might it confuse others as well? --BillHolmstrom

How about just a WirelessNeighborhood? A WirelessCommunity would them be made up of several WirelessNeighborhoods. --BillHolmstrom


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