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Board meeting minutes 9-16-03


Presentation from Jerritt Collord on possible shared office/lab space

  • Unanimous interest from group

Growing general membership

  • More lively and interesting MonthlyMeetings

  • Typical low point for the year, end of summer. Activity picks up in winter.

Inviting entertaining speakers for the monthly meeting (part of 501c3)

  • All members of advisory and board must find at least one speaker for the monthly meetings

Weekly meeting location, format and importance

  • Weekly meetings stay at Toms restaurant, more focus on active projects

Improving group communication

  • Committees and boards need to work harder on email and in person communications.

Leadership critique

  • Communications need to be improved
  • Less focus on Board of Directors more on committees and focus groups
  • Delegation of power to general membership in the form of committees

Bandwidth donation policy

  • Being reviewed by lawyers
  • Seeking council of local financial experts

Education committee report

  • Rick Lindahl - no progress at this point
  • A motion was passed to require the committee have a minimum of two members before the next meeting.

Domain name

  • Personaltelco.com registered by Kondooit Broadband and redirected to their site.
  • Contact has been made. No movement at this point.
  • Kondooit should release the name back to personaltelco
  • pdxwireless declared water under the bridge. personaltelco stays.

Current expenses

  • Discussed options on how to address unexpected legal expenses
  • Lucas will follow up with Davis Wright Tremain and explore alternative agreements

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