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'''Contact:''' http://tiltshift.com/cgi-bin/form/comments.shtm or ''chad at tiltshift dot com''. [[BR]]

Name: Chad Patteson BR Homepage: http://tiltshift.com/ BR Contact: http://tiltshift.com/cgi-bin/form/comments.shtm or chad at tiltshift dot com. BR Node Info: Interested, but not wireless yet; located in SW Portland on the south-east side of Capitol Hill (near the Terwilligar Curves of I-5). BR Person Info: Interests include geocaching, photography, FreeGeek, web design, fighting spam, sailing, world domination, playing music (bass guitar and drums), making music (computer generated), Palm OS, and J.R. "Bob" Dobbs. BR Experieced with: Photography / videography, Omni-Sky for Palm, Windoze 3.1 to 2000, Macintosh 7.5 to OS X, graphic design, audio software and hardware, journalism, GPS navigation, and aviation.

No wireless-LAN hardware yet. So far I'm just reformatting an old 486 to serve as an access point, and playing with binoculars on my rooftop. I still need a wireless card, NIC, pigtail, rooftop antenna and software. My end goal is to have fun learning, and teach anyone who wants to have fun too.

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