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  1. In order to run for president you must be an active member of Personal Telco and must have another member publicly nominate you (you may not self-nominate).
  2. To nominate someone for the presidential election you must be an active member and send an email stating your nomination to the general mail list with a subject of "PRESIDENTIAL NOMINATION: <name>". [mailto:general@lists.personaltelco.net?subject=PRESIDENTIAL%20NOMINATION:%20<name> Send an email now].

  3. You must be present at the July monthly meeting to vote. No proxy votes or absentee ballots will be accepted.

General Timeline

  • At the May monthly meeting, and at every montly and weekly meeting thereafter, we will accept membership applications (see MembershipAgreement for more information).

  • From the May MonthlyMeeting to the day before the June monthly meeting we will accept nominations.

  • At the June MonthlyMeeting (but no sooner) the candidates may begin campaigning by giving a five minute speach and by posting their platform and qualifications on their wiki home page and by sending a single message to the general list. The candidates may campaign in person and by personal email as much as they wish.

  • The election will be held at the July MonthlyMeeting.

  • The new president will assume the role of president at the August monthly meeting.

July Meeting Details

  • At the beginning of the meeting each member will be given a ballot listing all of the candidates.
  • Each candidate will be allowed to speak for five minutes about their platform. The order of presentations will be determined randomly.
  • At end of the presentations all members will have time to decide who to vote for and can put their ballot into the ballot box. Members should be prepared to provide proof of identity if requested.
  • After all ballots have been collected, the number of ballots will be counted. If there is an even number of ballots, Adam Shand will also submit a ballot prior to them being tallied.
  • Ballots will be tallied by the board of directors (Lucas Sheehan, the secretary,will be in charge).
  • The winner is the candidate with the most votes (a majority is not required). The winner will be announced at the meeting.
  • The winner will be declared on the announce mailing list and the web site.


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